Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will You Please Be Quiet!!!

I hate festivals! I really, really hate festivals! Why can't they just celebrate without having to let off those awful, noisy and scary firecrackers all the time. I'm so scared of that awful sound! Why must they insist on blasting things that sound like world war three is going on out there? Can't they just celebrate without those crackers?

They can shout all they want but please for us small, cute, scared doggies sake, don't light up some godawful cracker! If I wasn't already shivering in fright and clinging on to mommy, I'd go bite them right now!


  1. We are happy to live in the burbs now away from a lot of that noise

    Stop on by for a visit!

  2. i say... we'll just go bite them all when the fireworks stops Pebs. Meantime you stay safe with momma. I'll come over there and bite them all with you.

    You can start with the spaceman first... hehehehe

    woofs n licks,


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