Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Tempe

Today that nasty spaceman let me try something new. Mommy was having empal penyet for breakfast (leftovers from yesterday) and there was some tempe (fermented soybeans) left over. I was usual giving them my cutest doggy look to convince them to give me some and mommy decided to give me a little tempe.

Now, I've never had tempe before but I heard long ago that some ex chief minister of the state of Selangor said that he took it to maintain a soft and smooth complexion, not that it worked, mind you. This was my first time testing tempe and I must say I loved it :) Mommy actually let me finish the entire piece but that horrible spaceman was making a fuss about me acting like miss piggy ... the nerve of him. Maybe the next time I'll just bite the idiot!


  1. tempe got krek krok krek krok sound?

  2. i think you shud just bite the spaceman for being stingy...


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