Saturday, October 1, 2011

Safe And Sound!

I heard from the Spaceman that there was this big 'boom, boom' explosion a few days back at the Empire Shopping Gallery and I was kinda worried. That shopping mall has a pet shop which the Spaceman and mommy loves to visit and I was worried that my furry little friends there would be hurt in the explosion.

I mean, the 'boom, boom' was kinda huge and they were located just underneath the exploding floor and who knows what happen to my furry buddies. But today, thanks to mommy who was surfing the internet, she came across this photo showing my furry buddies safe and sound ... woohooo ... I'm so glad for them.

Pix courtesy of ...
I can't imagine the terror and fright they must have gone through by being so near the 'boom, boom' area. I'm glad to see that they look fine :D Look, you people who own Petsmore, if you don't have place to keep my furry buddies, you can always send them here. I know the spaceman would jump at the chance to have them here. I'll even share my food with them while they're here, well maybe not all my food la ... hahaha ...

Anyways, I'm glad that they're all alright but am sad to hear two poor hamster died in the incident. RIP you two hamsters.



  1. Hi there!! We are new followers of your blog and look forward to being friends!! Im glad no one was seriously hurt! Those sure are some cute friends you have.

  2. Hound Girl - Woof and welcome to my blog :D Yes, I'm also glad no one was hurt. Thank god for small miracle :D


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