Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Prayer For Dommy

I heard the spaceman telling mommy that poor Dommy is not feeling too good. It's not often that annoying spaceman is serious when he talks to mommy but this time he was. He says that Aunty Anny is worried about Dommy and that Dommy has an enlarged heart with water in the lungs ... gosh, that is scary.

I hope the poor fellow gets well soon though. Even though, I haven't met Dommy, he sounds like such a nice doggy. I'm sure Aunty Anny must be worried sick about him, don't you worry Aunty Anny, I'll pray for Dommy to get well soon and be back to his normal self. You just gotta have faith. Mommy and the spaceman will also be praying for Dommy to get well.

And you better get well soon, Dommy, you hear me? I'll share some of my food with you when you get well, so get well fast.



  1. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts Pebbles. Hopefully he will be all better soon. Maybe if we make it, we'll come and see you one day in KL.

  2. Aunty Anny - Don't you worry, Dommy's a tough little doggie and I'm sure he'll be up and about in no time :D

    It'll be good to meet Dommy, I'll show him all my toys and share my treats with him so you tell him to get well soon, k?

  3. I just came from Dommy's blog. Came over to say Hi!!
    I am getting a new dog today at 6 PM.
    Come see me tomorrow afternoon and see how it went if you like.
    x, Fern

  4. Hi Aunty Animal Lover, so good of you to drop by. I'll come check your dog out in a bit :D


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