Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yellow, Yellow, Dirty Fellow ...

I heard there was going to be some yellow march or rally or whatever next week. And I heard that the humans that rule this country are making such a huge fuss about it. I also heard that spaceman was saying that if those humans that rule this country has nothing to hide or fear than they should not be too concerned about the rally. After all, they're championing for a fair and clean elections, so I don't see why the human that rule this country are so afraid of them having this march.

I guess they do have something to hide afterall. With humans, you can never tell though, unlike us cute little doggies. All we want is a nice cozy and comfy place to sleep, amongst our best buddies, though I suspect that Noel fellow on the right there is eager to join in the march too, judging by his yellow scarf and cap ... LOL!


  1. habisla Noel.. nanti kena hauled in for the yellow cap. Thank god you kicked him out Pebs.. hehehehe

  2. Auntie Anny - Ya, better to kick him out then get arrested along with him ... hehehe!


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