Sunday, June 19, 2011


Look what mommy bought me :D four nice little socks for my four little feet. Don't they just look awesome? Mommy is always buying me stuff unlike that you know who cheapo! I love my little socks, now when that lazy you know who cheapo takes me for a walk, I won't have to be stepping on dirty roads and I'll be the cutest and most fashionable doggy in the neighbourhood ... hehehe ...

Speaking of walkies and all that, I discovered this cool software for little doggies like me. It's called the Petometer and you can download it straight to your Android powered phone (tough luck you no good iPhone users ... LOL!). It'll be perfect for me to monitor my pace and distance, just like that you know who cheapo's little Nike+ sportsband.

Now if only I could get him to download it to his precious little HTC phone! He's such a pain when it comes to his precious little Android phone.


  1. *rofl. Pebbles so cute. I seem to know the cheapo mentioned here XD

  2. Auntie Mas - I think a lot of people know who that cheapo is ... LOL!

  3. Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... so cute la you. These socks looks awesome. Now if i see you at some park.. i will know its you Pebs.

    now go and give that cheapo that you have there a good bite on them behind.. or on them ankles works the same too.. but make sure its after he gives you them treats.

  4. awww cute socks u have pebbles! i bet your socks is much more awesome than the cheapo-you-know-who :)

  5. Auntie Anny - Yes, yes, look for the cutest dog with green socks and that'll be me ...LOL!

    Don't want to bite his ankle la, he's got smelly feet ... hahaha!

  6. Auntie Soulie - Oh it is, it is :D His socks is so plain and boring ... hehehe ...


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