Monday, June 6, 2011

We're Not Going To The Mall???

I was suckered by mommy and the spaceman today. They took me out in the car today and I thought they were taking me to the mall but little did I know they were taking me to get my bum-bum jabbed at the vet!

It's my yearly vet check up and jab session and I totally forgot about it. I'm a busy dog. I've got cats to chase, brat boys to bark at and couches to sleep under and you don't expect me to remember stuff like these, do you?

If I did remember, I would have run and hide under the bed so they wouldn't be able to get me but alas, that conniving spaceman suckered me into the car by saying that we were going 'jalan-jalan' and me like a stupid little shih-tzu happily jumped in the car with him ... siggghhh ... I should have just bitten him instead ... hahaha!

Anyways it's a good thing the vet said that the jab was unavailable as there was a worldwide shortage or something, who cares, as long as no jabs to my bum-bum, I'm happy :D Instead the vet gave mommy and the spaceman some ProHeart tablets which I was to take one every month for six months until that bloody injection stock thingy circulates back in the market ... siggghhh ...

I wonder how that spaceman is going to make me take those tablets. I'm not going to make it easy for him though. I know all his little trick like stuffing it in my favourite food, like as if I can't smell the darn thing. I'm a dog, hello! I can smell pretty well, you know. I'll just give him a hard time taking that tablet, that's for sure ... LOL!

Ok, ok, truth be told, that chewy tablet did taste yummy and I really didn't give him a hard time chewing it down. I was a nice little doggy and took the tablet without fuss which did get me a small snack of yummy boiled chicken after that as a reward ... sometimes that annoying spaceman is not too bad after all :D



  1. They were not taking you to the beauty salon? oh dottt... the vet is just as scary as them salons... bite his behind next time will ya.

    Do you take Heartgard every month? it is most important too.. as it prevents heartworm. Heartgard is niceeee.. with beef smell :) i like.

    I am due for my distemper jabs too next month. Hopefully they will have the jabs ready by then.. and i'll be having very good tempers after the jab.. or so SHE says.

    woofs n licks,

  2. oh.. don't miss the green bandana day this year ya... its due on June 10 :) you'll meet lotta doggies there :)

  3. Dommy - No they weren't! They suckered me big time la.

    I'm supposed to get ab jab for that but the vet says that they have no stock so I have to take this tablet for six months and then go back for my jab when they get the stock ... darn!

    You try and hide la when she tries to take you to the vet next month, don't make it easy for her ... hehehe!

  4. Dommy - Green bandada? I better go remind that spaceman about it :D


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