Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Kingdom For Ice Water!

The weather is so hot these days that having my afternoon naps is just so uncomfortable. I've been trying to get that cheapskate space freak to buy me my own air-conditioning but he's been ignoring me. I'm a dog with loads of thick fur, does he know how hot it gets for me?

Besides, a cute dog like me deserves nothing but the best. All he does is buy sporting gear everytime he goes out, though to be fair, he does always get me my Greenies and snacks but sometimes a dog needs her jacuzzi and some honest to goodness air-conditioning. Or at the very least, a fridge of her own so I can get nice ice cold water to cool me down.

Actually, come to think of it, can dogs drink ice cold water? If they could, that means I can drink some nice yummy ice blended drink or something ... hmmmmm ... maybe it's time I Google and find out if we doggies can drink ice cold water or not!

Until then, I'm going to pester that cheapo space freak to install an air-conditioning system for me, failing which I shall bite his cheapo little backside!


  1. darn! why is your drinking water beside the toilet?

  2. Auntie Anny - Yeah, darn that spaceman for setting up my drinking bottle near the toilet!

    But that's his office toilet which is hardly used and that's my back up water station for when I sleep under his chair when he's doing work :D


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