Friday, July 30, 2010

Fluffy Friday # 35 - My Fluffy Bed

Hello again everyone :D It's been a while since my last post and today I get the chance to write again. That hopeless spaceman is resting for some silly race tomorrow and I get the full run of his laptop ... hehehe ...

I don't have much to write really. Life is basically the same for me and I am enjoying making that spaceman slave away for me. He may be a doofussy character at times that even mommy is stumped with his antics but he does take care of me pretty well :D

He gets me loads of food and snacks which I simply adore. In fact I want to show you my new bed he and mommy got for me from IKEA last week. The moment I saw it I was in love with it. It's so comfy and can fit me and my little pal Mac Taylor together inside.

I just love sleeping in it that I can't wait for mommy and the spaceman to go to bed so I can jump in my own bed too. Now if only I can get that spaceman to buy me a nice little dog house too ... LOL!


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  1. Where's the other leg of ur pal?

  2. Pebbles!! Same la our beds!! Ha ha ha! Comfy right? Too bad got one colour only right? Do u buy the lint roller from IKEA too? Okay la, not bad and cheapo too he he.. :)

    Happy Fluffy Friday Pebbles! :)

  3. That looks really compfy! Nice bed!
    Sara Cat

  4. Aww.. so cute your bed Pebbles.... and so huge.. awesome!

  5. Such a small Pebbles in the biggest bed.. *LOL* lucky girl! She has the same bed as Dom. Piper's one is the smaller one in red.

    urmm.. if you feel that the bed is too big.. kasi posraju sini ya :D and you jump into the package too. Dom is waiting to play with you :) Happy days to you Pebbles... and and if the spaceman gets too bz again.. just bite his behind.

  6. Uncle Kelvin - LOL! His leg is under my body la ...

  7. Auntie Marzie - It's so comfy, that spaceman wants to steal it too ... LOL! Yes, mommy bought the lint remover from there too. Cheap but it works and IKEA some more ... hehehe ...

  8. Auntie Sara - It is comfy :D

  9. Auntie LJ - Yes, it's so big I can roll around in it ... hehehe ...

  10. Auntie Anny - Wah, looks like everyone has the same bed ... hehehe ... got red color? I thought only in blue ... darn that spaceman, should have got me one in pink ... LOL!

    Urmmm, I think that spaceman would ask you to posraju Dommy here instead ... LOL!

  11. mm
    so sweet
    what about your dreams on it?:)


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