Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Look Who's Back

Yes, yes, I know I haven't posted anything in ages but we all know who to blame for that right? That spaceman has been so busy with his new office and stuff not forgetting his fanatical fitness routine that he hardly has time to fire up his laptop to let me post anything.

I had to threaten to bit him today which is why you see me writing a post here :D Things are okay with me. Life is pretty good though. Even though that spaceman is pretty busy, he does take care of my needs like buying me all my favourite food and snacks.

And besides, mommy is around to keep me company while he's out there working. She prepares all my food and sometimes I'm a little naughty and make her feed me by hand ... hehehe ... I think I'm the only little doggy in this neighbourhood that gets 'spoon' fed.

Here's a picture of some of my favourite snacks which the spaceman has bought for me. My favourite is the pink one which is called chicken crumble in gravy. I could eat tons of that but mommy doesn't feed me that everyday. She normally boils chicken and rice for me and only a few times a week I get to eat packet food.

I'm not complaining though, she does make a mean and tasty boiled chicken dinner for me. I also get a snack every morning for breakfast. That spaceman also bought me a whole packet of greenies but unfortunately I only get a greenie snack of special occasions so most of the time it's a normal snack for me.

Well, that's all from me for now. I'll write more when I can, but for now I'm just happy living life with the spaceman and mommy :D



  1. Ahhhhh... the little one is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D and we have missed you a whole lot. Go and bite that spaceman will ya. And if daddy is busy... just ask mommy to fire up the laptop for you to post ya!

  2. Piper just went to the vet recently and we just found out.. he's overweight. Too much treat a treating. The vet says.. 1 treat = 1 burger

    So if we give him 3 treats a day = 3 burgers
    no wonder the fella is getting heavier and heavier... maybe we should send him to the spaceman and let Piper jog with him and nip him on the behind too *LOL*

  3. Your mommy is so nice.. mebbe i should sneak myself into a posraju pack and get myself over there... home cooked meals everyday?? lucky u Pebbles!


  4. Wow, its been a long time~ Thought u are abandon by them already XD

  5. Auntie Anny - Yesssss, I'm back :D But that spaceman sometimes takes his laptop with him to work la ... maybe I get him to buy me a new one ... hehehe ...

  6. Auntie Anny - Aiyoo ... 1 snack = 1 burger? Darn, I gotta stop snacking too much but I can't help it, they do buy me lots of snacks to keep me happy ... hehehe ...

    Yes, yes, send Piper over to run with that spaceman, I might just follow them too ... LOL!

  7. Dommy - Come, come, get Anny to posraju you over and I'll share my home cooked food with you ... hehehe ...

  8. Uncle Kelvin - No la, how to abandon them, they feed me so well ... LOL!

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