Friday, December 4, 2009

All By Myself

The weekend is here and I'm one happy dog. That means that spaceman fellow will be home and I can shadow him around the house getting in his way while he's doing the house work ... hehehe ... yes, I can be a naughty doggy at times.

The only thing I don't like about weekends is both mommy and that spaceman will leave me alone at home in the room while they go out shopping for a few hours. I really dislike being alone and the wait for them to get home can be excruciating.

But at least they leave me with lots of food and water so I won't be hungry while they're out. And I do have my favourite toys to also keep me company while they're gone.

I look forward to their return cos they always buy me a whole bag of treats :D And speaking about treats, I've run out of them already. I hope they get me more when they go out tomorrow. Yes, they're going out again and leaving me alone at home tomorrow cos I heard mommy tell that spaceman she wants to go out early in the morning.

At least the good thing about them going out is I can get my treats so it's a bittersweet feeling. Siggghhh ... did I say I like weekends?


  1. Dun worry Pebbles.. while they are out.. u can jump on their bed and have a good snooze.. or go check out the stuffs u wanna check out and secure the house.. urmm urmm... and sleep anywhere and everywhere.. urmm... or u can go ask your daddy to send u to Piper's house :D

  2. Pee on their bed and make them take u out too.
    But u might not get treats anymore haha :D

  3. Woof woof Pebbles! I would like to invite your fluffy self to join my brand new meme! Ask ur master to bring u over to my blog later okay? :)

  4. Aunty Annie - I do jump on their bed when they're out. It's a nice cool place to snooze until they get home :D

    Piper's house, huh? That would be such a good idea. He is a handsome hunk too ... hehehe ...

  5. Uncle Kelvin - Aiyoo, that would not be good at all. I still want my treats la ... hahaha!

  6. Aunty Marzie - You tagged me with a meme? I thought you only tag that Nick fellow? LOL!

    Thanks, I'll come right over and check it out :D


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