Sunday, November 29, 2009

My New Spot

Continuing on my tour of favourite places, here is one more of my recently found hideaway. Mommy and that spaceman fellow recently rearranged 'the office' and I managed to acquire a new place for me to snooze the day away. It's situated right under mommy's CPU (I hope that table is strong enough!) and it's tucked nicely in a a quiet corner of the office.

It's perfect for sleeping and makes a quick exit point in case I need to rush out and bark at those nasty little stray cats that think they own the backyard. It's a good thing mommy doesn't let me out into the backyard too much, otherwise I'll go bite them ... LOL!

And my apologies for scruffy showing you his behind. I'm too lazy to turn him around. In fact I was in deep snooze mode when that annoying spaceman fellow decided to take this unflattering picture of me. If I wasn't still sleepy, I'd go bite him!


  1. go bite the spaceman pebbles.. hahahhahaa.. go bite him.. wahhahahahhaa..

  2. I wanna see a photo of u biting him^^

  3. Anny - LOL! I just might ... he just loves taking pictures of me inflattering poses!

  4. Kelvin - I don't think he's going to take a picture of me biting him! LOL!


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