Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three's A Crowd

This here is one more of my favourite hangouts. Right on the bed with mommy and that spaceman. Normally when that spaceman is home, it gets kinda crowded with that fat spaceman fellow in bed but when he's at work, I can have the bed all to myself with just mommy.

If only he knew I laze around all afternoon on his side of the bed and sleep on his pillow which you can see in the background he'd probably be thoroughly envious of me. But both he and mommy are really nice people cos they let me jump, sleep, roll and play on the bed anytime I like except at nights when it's time to sleep.

At nights, I head under the bed into my little doggy basket or jump up on the Ikea storage container they have under the bed. It's a little of a tight squeeze but it's oh so cozy :D

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