Friday, November 27, 2009

My Hideouts

You know, I have many favourite places in this house for me to hideaway or just to snooze. Today I'm going to start letting you peek into some of my favourite hangouts :D Most of the places I like to hangout all day are always next to mommy in the day time and at nights it's next to that crazy spaceman fellow. He might be a little weird but he keeps me safe from that little 10 year old brat! LOL!

This is one of the places I hangout at for most of the morning. It located right under mommy's computer table in the what mommy and that spaceman fellow calls 'The Office'. It's nice,snug, cozy and really cooling that I could just lay down here all day and snooze.

Besides it's safe and away from the reaches of that brat whose legs by the way are shown in that picture waiting to ambush me when I come out to eat, pee, poo or play. That bear you see behind me is one of my many sleeping companions and he's called Scruffy :D

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