Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mommy and that spaceman fellow took me to the groomers today. I hate going to the groomers. I'm stuck there all day and miss my afternoon snack and nap! I knew something was up when that annoying spaceman lets me out of the house and into his car. He's a sneaky little fellow.

I guess I did need to go to the groomers. I was getting a tad bit untidy (mommy loves my scruffy little look though) with my beautiful fur getting in the way of everything I do, not to mention my really long nails.

So there I was, stuck at the usual groomer almost half a day with a whole bunch of other annoying and noisy dogs that were also there for their beauty treatment. How can anyone even catch a short nap with all that barking and whining?

I was just praying that the groomer would get it over and done with fast and call that spaceman (who really deserves a good bite on the ankle, mind you!) to come pick me up but alas, even that was thwarted cos it was a Saturday and the groomer had tons of other doggies before me to attend to. So, it was basically almost an entire day at the groomers.

At least I came out looking even spiffier than normal :D Yes, yes, I'm a vain little doggie but heck, I'm a Shih-Tzu we Shih-Tzu's are like royalty so we're a little vain like that ... BOL! Gone are my scruffy looks and now mommy says I look like a little lamb. Really, mommy? A Lamb? Gee, I thought I looked like Lassie :P

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  1. How can anyone even catch a short nap with all that barking and whining?


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