Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fashion Statement

Damn! That spaceman has taken me to the vets and now I have this huge lamp shade around my head! He keeps telling me it's a fashion statement. Fashion statement my foot! Let me put this around his neck and see how it feels.

All I did was bite on this itsy bitsy little itch and it's ended up turning into a wound or two ... urrrmmm, or maybe three (hehehe) and he takes me to the vet. He keeps on grumbling at me for trying to bite and scratch it. Heck, it's itchy so I scratch! I don't deserve to have a lamp shade around my neck.

Worse still I heard I have to have it on for at least a week! Good god, I going to look like a idiot until then. Anyways, the vet said I contracted ring worms and because I started biting the itch, it's become a wound and she doesn't want it to spread anyway, hence the lamp shade!

I should really go bite that spaceman for putting me through this. In fact, once he gets this off my head, I will go bite him! At least I've got him carrying me around the house and feeding me by hand. That's the least the idiot could do for putting me through this.

In fact, I wonder what he's doing on the computer looking through date sites, maybe I should go tell mommy. I'll bet he's got all kinds of excuses about looking at date sites. Probably says he's doing some research on the truth about online dating and all that and that these date sites help with his research.

In fact I think I will go snitch on him to mommy ... MOOOOMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!

P.S - The vet did say that us Shih Tzu's are clever little dogs though :D

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