Monday, February 8, 2010

Happiness Is ...

A couple of days ago, I received an award called the Happy 101 from Aunty Anny. I actually wanted to post about it quite a while back but that annoying spaceman was too busy with the laptop doing god knows what that I didn't have the chance to post this award.

Well, I managed to get my paws on his laptop today and would now like to officially thank Aunty Anny for giving me my first ever award :D This award is about happiness and since I'm very happy these days, it's really appropriate for me to receive such an award.

With this award comes one little catch which is to list 10 things that make me happy. Well, that isn't at all hard to list cos I can easily think of 20 things that make me happy ... hehehe ... but I'll just stick with 10 for now :D

1. Being able to stay permanently with that slightly psychopathic spaceman and mommy

2. Seeing that spaceman and mommy's face whenever I jump on the bed to wake them up every Saturday morning.

3. Having my very own personal stuff toys to play with

4. Being able to snooze by mommy's feet as she uses the internet

5. The smell of my dinner being made

6. Getting fed by the spaceman under the table when he's eating his dinner

7. Knowing that the spaceman, mommy and the boys all adore me

8. Getting fed my favourite greenie treats

9. Barking at cats

10. Sleeping soundly under that spaceman's chair after a hearty meal

So there you have it, the 10 things that make me a happy little doggy. Thank you once again Aunty Anny for giving me my first ever award :D



  1. This is indeed a lovely picture Pebbles.. you look so fluffy but so pretty :D

  2. And happiness is when you are with family...

  3. Aunty Anny - Thank you :D And thank you for the award too. Mommy is already warning that spaceman to take me for grooming soon ... hehehe ...

  4. Aunty Anny - Yes, that is so very true :D

  5. Uncle Kelvin - Oh yes, I totally forgot about that ... LOL!

  6. is just so heavenly ...

  7. Anonymous - Urmmm, I think it is ... LOL!

  8. OMG ahhahaha the expression is priceless. ;)

  9. Maslight - Hehehe ... priceless, eh?


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