Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes - An Obsession!

You know, that spaceman is crazy about Calvin & Hobbes. In fact I think he thinks he's Calvin himself. What a conceited little spaceman! Well, at least there is no denying that he's as annoying as Calvin himself ... LOL!

His obsession with Calvin & Hobbes is pretty deep. He's got the entire 10 year of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips on a CD and he reads them over and over and over. The worst part is no matter how many times he's read the strips and probably can remember them by heart, he'll still laugh like a maniac when he reads it again.

Even his laptop wallpaper is of Stupendous man aka Calvin's other alter ego. And you all know he has a blog called Spiffy, right? It's a good thing mommy was the one who named me and not him. If it was up to him, he probably would have called me Hobbes!



  1. Maybe he wanted a pet tiger for the Tiger year?

  2. Uncle Kelvin - Maybe, he's a little too hard to figure out ... LOL!

  3. waduiiiiiiiiiii..she looks so fluffy cute laaa.. macam baru bangun la.. hahhahhahahaa

  4. 10 years of calvin and hobbes u say? u be a good girl.. and go pos raju allllllll to me and i'll get u a big bag of greenies :D

  5. Aunty Anny - Actually, I did just wake up ... LOL!

  6. Aunty Anny - Yes, 10 years! He's just nuts over Calvin & Hobbes. Let me see if I can find his collection, then I pos raju to you and make sure it's a HUGE bag of greenies ... LOL!


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