Monday, December 21, 2009

That Grumpy Old Spaceman!

That spaceman scolded me yesterday ... hrrrmmpppphhh! Well, I can't really blame him seeing as how I was getting in his way all the time while he was trying to clean the place ... hehehe ... yes, I can be a naughty little doggy at times.

He got so fed up of me running around all over the place and jumping up here and there that he grabbed me and put me up the dining table and scolded me. As usual, I just gave me my blank stare and he walked off mumbling to himself and continued with his cleaning up job.

He's a smart fellow sometimes, he knows I'm afraid to jump down from too high a place, like the dining table so he left me there until he finished all his work and even then he was still grumpy so I went and hid behind the sliding door curtains to avoid his grumpiness ... hehehe ...

But then later at night he fixed me a nice meal and even gave me a treat. I suppose that's his way of saying sorry for scolding me. Hmmmm, maybe I should irritate him more often so he'll fix me more nice meals ... LOL!


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