Thursday, October 24, 2013

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Gee, I haven't been here so long, I didn't know that silly slave ... urmmm ... I mean owner of mine changed the look of my blog. He likes the color green so much that he just had to go and put an ugly green image as my background. I think I'll go bite him later!

Life has been pretty good for me. I've got that idiot running around taking care of my needs. I'm good at that. All I need to do is look cute ... heck, I don't have to look cute, I am cute! Most days I laze around the house and guard mommy in the mornings from those pesky cats in the back yard. They've managed to get that idiot to feed them on a daily basis. He's such a gullible human being, that fellow.

Oh well, at least those pesky ... errrr ... poor cats can always be assured of food over here. As long as they don't give them my food, I'm okay with it though I'll still bark at those pesky felines to show my displeasure at them. Can't have them thinking I'm a soppy little doggy now, can I?

Besides that, life is pretty good with these humans. They look after me well and always fuss about me, especially when I sneak off somewhere around the house. Look at the time, it's almost 10pm. It's time for me to start bugging that fellow to go upstairs into the bedroom and switch on that thing that blows cold air so I can snooze on his pillow right under it.

Catch you folks later! Woof!

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