Friday, March 12, 2010

A Not So Fluffy Friday ...

I don't really have a proper Fluffy Friday post today cos that spaceman is in so much pain. I don't know how but he got his arm hurt pretty bad and is suffering in pain to the point that he can't even pick me up.

Mommy has been taking care of him and that bratty little boy managed to tie his arm up in a sling which he learned from his school activities. Pretty smart boy that fellow. I'm going to keep that spaceman company cos he's been a pretty good person to me.

Anyway, sorry Auntie Marzie cos I can't post anything fluffy  today. I'll definitely participate next week :D



  1. Wahhh.. tats a pretty neat sling! Smart lil kiddo there. You better take good care of the spaceman now.. else he can't go out to buy you more treats...

  2. Auntie Anny - It is, that little boy is pretty good at it too :D

    I am taking good care of him, whether he'll listen or not is another matter altogether!


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