Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fluffy Friday#16 - Man's Best Friend

Oh my, it's been one week since I last posted here! In fact, the last post was another Fluffy Friday post and now I'm doing another one already! Gee, where doe the time go? I don't even recall the days moving so fast.

Well, I've been keeping a low profile to keep that spaceman company. He's been depressed a little ever since some thieving person stole his car last Sunday. Yes, some idiot stole his car last week when he was out doing grocery shopping at Tesco with mommy.

It happened in broad daylight too and in the middle of a bright afternoon too. In fact, he even parked his car near the main entrance and some idiot had the gall and nerve to steal his car. If I was there, I would have bit his silly behind for stealing the spaceman's car.

He's been down the past week so I've been keeping him company along with mommy to cheer him up. That's one reason why I've been MIA. I hope you all didn't think I've been sleeping all week ... LOL! i've been doing my doggily duties of being 'man's best friend' which is why I don't have the time to write anything.

I'm hoping he gets a new car soon so I can put something fluffy in there for him :) Happy Fluffy Friday to everyone.


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  1. Aww.. you are such a great doggy Pebbles!!

  2. Pebbles! Hahahha u oso like LJ la, she oso back to back FF at her cat blog hahaha! :)

  3. I can imagine Spaceman so depressed now, yeah la stolen car is a huge deal, poor Spaceman, some more "broken" arm... :(

  4. I really love ur pic here Pebbles, it does look like ur comforting ur Master, good girl! Happy Fluffy Friday Pebbles, thanks for playing again dis week yahoo!! :):):)

  5. Auntie LJ - I am aren't I ... hehehe ...

  6. Auntie Marzie - Been busy keeping that spaceman company la .... hehehe ...

  7. Auntie Marzie - Ye la, that spaceman so depressed la but at least his arm is getting better :)

  8. Auntie Marzie - Thank you :) Happy FF to you too Auntie Marzie :)


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