Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I can stay! I can stay! I can stay for good! Hoorayyyyyy, yahoooo, woohooooo, woof, woof, woof and all that! I heard the spaceman tell mommy a few days back that my previous owner doesn't want me back and that I can stay with them forever!

That has to be the best piece of news I've heard in a long time. I'm so glad that I don't have to leave this wonderful slaves ... urrrmmm ... I mean family and go back to my old place where I'll be locked up in the bathroom most of the time. I shudder just thinking of my life back then.

Now I can always have company with me all day long, well except when mommy or that spaceman go out la. Then I'll just give them this sad puppy dog look to make them feel guilty for leaving me at home all alone ... LOL!

But seriously though, I am really happy that I can stay here forever :D



  1. hip hip hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! yehoo yehoooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOO.. you are at your forever home... finally! urmm.. when are you coming here for a holiday?

  2. Congrats on having permanent slaves haha ^^

  3. yayyy!..i mean, woof!

    im sure that spiffy guy and his mrs can really take good care of you.


  4. Aunty Anny - Yay! Woohoo! Yahoo! I have a new home for good :D I have to ask that spaceman when he's going to send me for a holiday ... LOL!

  5. Uncle Kelvin - Thank you :D It's always good to have permanent slaves :D

  6. Aunty Carol - Yayyy, woof, woof, meow, meow, baa, baa ... LOL! I'm so happy to be able to stay here for good :D

  7. awwww! So cute :) my two are adopted too:) there is something really special about adopted pets... my dad has 2 adopted shih tzu's and they are so cute!


  8. Aunty Jenny - Welcome to my doggy blog :D

    I actually am really happy to be able to stay here for good. I think all pets, adopted or not are adorable :D


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