Monday, January 18, 2010

United Colors Of Benetton

Sometimes mommy and that spaceman really have nothing better to do. This afternoon, mommy found this baby t-shirt samples that the spaceman brought home from work. She asked him if he still needed the T-shirt and he said no.

Since there really isn't any babies at home, mommy had this crazy idea to put it on me instead! Gosh, I've never had a t-shirt on before and it felt awkward but I must say that I did look good in it. What do you think? Does green suit me well or not? Maybe I'd look sweeter in pink ... hehehe ...



  1. U sure look good in green.. hahahhahahaa... with a pretty smile too!

  2. The shirt is too large for u lah :D

  3. Aunty Anny - I think I look better in pink la ... LOL!

  4. Uncle Kelvin - You think so? Yeah, it does look too large doesn't it? But I still look cute don't I? LOL!


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