Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Dogs Life ...

People say us dogs have it easy. That all we do is eat, play and sleep. We'll I've got news for you. Being a dog is not as easy as people make it out to be. Sometimes there really is nothing for us to do and it gets pretty boring. Besides, it's not easy trying to look cute all day ... hehehe ...

I mean, how long can I really sleep anyway. I'm not as lazy as that spaceman who just wants to sleep all day long. I suppose I could always bark at cats but then those lazy cats don't always come and disturb me in the back yard.

Well, at least I know the spaceman is going to be home more these days so I can at least go and annoy him ... LOL!



  1. You sure look so sleepyyyyyy.. hahaha Come over here by posraju and play with Piper.. he could use some company too :D

  2. AHHAHAHAH omg sleepy expression is priceless ;)

  3. Why don't ya bite him?
    And u need a mate:)

  4. Aunty Anny - I am sleepy. Sometimes it can get boring here la. I'll try and get that spaceman to posraju me to hang out with Piper ... hehehe ...

  5. Aunty Maslight - Hehehe ... I got more sleepy expressions but this is the best one ...

  6. Uncle Kelvin - You think I should? Maybe I will ... LOL!


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