Monday, November 23, 2009

My Name Is Pebbles

Woof, woof and a good day to you folks. My name is Pebbles and this is my blog. I'm a Shih Tzu (pronounced /ˈʃiːtsuː/ SHEE-tsoo, from Mandarin [ʂɨ́dzɨ]), a small and sturdy little dog with a short muzzle and large deep dark eyes (which I use to mesmerize my masters) and a soft long, double coat of fur.

I'm pretty short, no more than 26.7 cm but never mind, that makes me a cute little thing ... hehehe ... I'm a friendly little dog and it has been rumoured that at one time I was bred to be a companion dog for Chinese royalty! Imagine that. Some say that because I lived in the imperial palace, it gave us Shih Tzu's an arrogant quality. Hrrrmmmpppphhh! Arrogant? I wonder who made that up. If I found him, I'd bite him silly!

I'm the most loyal and devoted dog and am sweet, playful and trusting to boot. Though my master says I'm too trusting that one day some might just dognap me. Now who would want to dognap a cutey like me ... hehehe ...

As the days go by and when I can get the chance to pry that laptop away from my master, I'll tell you more about my self and my life here with my masters so do come back, ya?


  1. woof! woof! awoooooOOOOooo

    syok oh Pebbles got blog! u is kerazi insane. astagaa!! 5 blogs??!!

  2. Nessa - LOL! Yes, yes, I'm crazy already. I can't even handle my four blogs and I go and create new one ... I really need to check my head la! Hahaha ...

    But yeah, Pebbles is going to be blogging too ... hehehe ...

  3. wahhahahhaa.. saya manyak suka niiii.. hhhhahahhaa.. u both are nutty crazyyyyyyyyy.. hahhahahaaa.. urmm.. go add the google ads le.. :D

  4. Anny - Aiyoo! Cepat nyer you found this blog?

    Yes, yes, I'm crazy but then this is Pebbles blog so she's the one typing the posts, really, she is ... LOL!

  5. Nick!! I can't believe you took ur boss' doggie and created a blog for her some more ROTFLMAO!!! COngrats on another new blog ha ha ha! :)

  6. Marzie - Yes, that Nick fellow is a little crazy for opening a new blog especially for me ... hehehe ...

    Oh and I don't think he's going to return me anytime soon, you know ... LOL! Woof, woof!

  7. This blog is gonna be cute with Pebbles camho around! hehehe

  8. Soulie - Ahh, you also discovered my little doggy blog :D Welcome, welcome and do come back for more pictures of me ... hehehe ...


Woof, woof, thank you for leaving such sweet comments :D